Florida’s Hidden Spots⭐️

Hey y’all,

I get messages pretty much everyday about the places i’ve been exploring in Florida. With summer coming up I thought I would give y’all the rundown on the places I went if you’re planning a trip. Let’s start with the Natural Springs. Sure, I love the beach! For any of y’all who follow me on Instagram, you know that. Although these fresh water springs are pretty amazing- I would take a day from vacation to see one! Below is my rundown with prices and locations… enjoy!

Weeki Wachee springs: (the city of weeki Wachee)

This central Florida gem was super fun to kayak or paddle board down. I went with a group of friends and which each chose which we wanted to do. It was a little bit pricy, about $40 to rent a kayak or paddle board for the day. It is basically a river with super cool water and manatees. I also got a good workout in!

Devils Den: (central Florida, 1 hr from Orlando)

THIS IS A MUST SEE. My favorite place I found, thanks to google. It was only $25 to snorkel for 2 hours. If you’re visiting Orlando or even Disney world, plan a day for this if you can! It’s fresh water and completely save, as long as you can swim.

Morrison Springs: (1 hour from Destin, Florida)

This one is more of like a huge swimming hole that’s the clearest water you’ll see. This is one of the kid-friendly- ones too. It was one of my favorites. I have been going to Destin my whole life and never knew it existed! FREE. It’s FREE! So amazing and so affordable.

All of these springs are natural and therefore pretty chilly, but still swimable.

Beaches Ranked:

  1. St Pete

My favorite beach and it’s not even close. It’s pretty quiet and not as crowded. There’s local coffee shops and ice cream right on the beach. It is kind of a retro hippie feel, and I love it. Not to mention the water is so pretty! There is also fort de soto dog beach that I loved. Unbeatable.

2. St. Augustine

For a beach not on the gulf I loved this little historical town. The beaches were basically empty- we had one to ourselves. I loved the little town, so many shops and so many historical places to see. I enjoyed it and wish I could have spent more time.

3. Daytona

I liked this beach because you can drive your car on the beach. The town was also super cute and fun. For anyone who likes to surf or water board, the waves are a lot bigger than the gulf side. I haven’t spent a ton of time here, but I liked what I experienced. It’s a different beach vibe~I liked.

4. Destin

Iv been going to Destin since I was a baby so I’m biased. However, the only thing to complain here is Destin is becoming super crowded. I really am past the age where I enjoy crazy crowds on my relaxing beach trip, but nonetheless, it’s crowded for a reason. Great location, lots of things to do, and super family friendly.

5. Anna Maria

I spent multiple days here and I would compare it to St Pete! Cute lil town, doughnut and coffee shops and not too crowded. It made it to my number 5 because it’s almost not enough crowded! I like my peace and quiet but also enjoy the lil shops and things. More of an older community but I’m sure could be family friendly.

Those are my top 5 and are pretty spread out across the state. I hope this can answer some questions you guys had for me and of course, happy summer!!! 🌞🌞


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