10 Things most people don’t know about me.

Since I was getting a lot of requests for a get to know you blog, These are 10 fun facts about me. Here you go! Some are more fascinating than others, but hey these are the best I could come up with.

1. I started playing sports because of Air Bud

If you couldn’t tell, I have always loved dogs. When I was little my mom let me watch “Air-Bud World Pup”. This very realistic move had a Golden Retriever dog playing on a soccer team which did all sorts of incredible things including being the goalie for an Olympic team that won in a shootout. Like I said, very realistic. It was enough to make me make my mom sign me up for soccer, though. Nobody in my family knew anything about soccer, but that didn’t matter to me. None of my siblings were particularly athletic either, so this was new for everyone. I didn’t even know that I was going to be athletic myself, or what being athletic even meant, I just knew Air-bud played so I had to. Duh. Turns out, I really loved it. Shout-out, buddy.air bud

 2. Soccer was my first love

I started playing soccer when I was around 4. Right after I watched the movie, of course. It was the only sport I played up until middle school when I decided to take a break because I was burnt out. I played left defender growing up. Most people don’t know, this was the sport I had planned on playing in college. I even made the Olympic development team.  It was my thing; my passion. I picked up basketball to make friends starting a new school in 6th grade and fell in love with it. I did not play soccer again until my Junior year of high school, which I was moved to forward and led my team in goals scored and assists. I only played a year in high school because I was told the only way I could make it to a high division one school for basketball was if I specialized in a sport. Which by the way, is not true, in any way shape or form. But I didn’t know any better. My thoughts on being a dual sport athlete will have to come in another blog…clearly I don’t have that strong of an opinion on it. 😉

baby soccer


3. I have 2 dogs and 2 bunnies in Lexington

A Golden Retriever(another shout-out Buddy), a Australian Shepherd, a Lop eared, and a Lion-headed rabbit all reside in my condo. I get the question all of the time how I can manage/afford all these pets while being a division one athlete. BUDGETING AND LOTS OF HELP FROM MY PARENTS. aha. The rabbits are pretty low maintenance, however, the dogs are a bit more work. My roommates feed my rabbits when I’m gone on away trips and my parents watch my puppies. I set aside a portion of my money each month to make sure I can afford their needs. Most people think I am crazy giving up other things I could be buying to have all these pets. But, for me, its worth it. I have a strong passion for animals and it is a way I express myself! Recognizing what you love and what makes you happy is a must. except, I can’t lie to you that when my parents found out I was bringing a Australian Shepherd to their house when I was going to be traveling was NOT the nicest conversation….aha.


4. I have an immune disease

A couple of summer ago I was diagnosed with an auto inflammatory disease, which means while most people with immune problems lack enough immune activity, mine is too much. Which while it sounds like I  should be extra protected against sickness, my immune system is actually ‘tired’ and less effective. There is a lot of people who have it much more severe than me and for that I’m thankful. Luckily I was able to figure out why I get sick so much and better take care of my body.

5. Justin Bieber is my boyfriend

Shocking, most people don’t know this. Maybe that’s not the whole truth, but I wish he was. aha. Justin Bieber is the only official concert iv been to, and iv been to it twice. I love him. I am a Belieber. Die hard. All it took for me to fall in love was one verse of “BABY, BABY, BABY OHHHHH”. My second concert I went to of his was in college during the summer. My head coach knew how much I loved him and said if there was a time conflict with basketball, I could see the Biebs. Most people who know me know the love is real. He’s scrawny and 4 inches shorter than me but its true love, I promise. Sorry, Selena.


6.  I graduate in May with a degree in Integrated Strategic Communications with a Psychology Minor. I would love to work with a non-profit one day

Basically, I tell people it is a marketing major focused more on the communications side of things versus the business and math side of things. I’m good at it and I’ve come to love it. I can’t wait to see where it takes me in life. Its going to be a surreal feeling walking across that stage, debt free. A big THANK YOU to the University of Kentucky for that. After interning this past summer with the Lexington Humane Society I really fell in love with the Non-profit setting. I know I will never be making a ton of money, but I will be doing what I love and that is priceless. If I could somehow find a way to incorporate my passion for animals, I will have truly found my dream job. I also have considered going back to school after I graduate and getting a Vet Tech degree. I do know that I hope to love what I’m doing so I never have to work a day in my life. God has the plan.

7. I love the outdoors

Any chance I can get to be outside, I want to be outside. Hiking with my dogs at Red River Gordge close to Lexington is something I do a lot in my free time. Their is something very relaxing about being in nature. God truly created it for our benifts. I plan to travel as much as possible, hopefully seeing many outdoor sights. This past fall we had a road trip out west to Montana, Idaho, and Washington. It was some of the most beautiful places I have been. I can’t wait to see so much more! The pictures below were taken by me on the trips. You may have seen them on my instagram!


 8.  I wear a size 7 in kids shoes and am 6’1”

Why are my feet so tiny?!?! I do not know. At least I get to buy cheaper shoes. I do love shoes. But, my teammate Taylor Murray has me beat. I think she has 300 plus pair of shoes.

9.  I went to the University of Cincinnati first

I haven’t always been a wildcat, even though I have been at heart. My first year of college basketball was at the University of Cincinnati before I decided to transfer. I got to match up against one of the best to ever do it, Breanna Stewart. I still cheer for them in all sports! As long as they are not playing Kentucky, I want them to win. However I REFUSE to cheer for the Cincinnati professional sports. Patriots and Celtics all the way, baby.


10.  I am a huge Tomboy

People who know me will not be surprised by this. Yes, I like to look like a girl and dress up and all that jazz. But my real happy place is sitting on the couch Sundays with eye black under my eyes, Tom Brady Jersey on, and sweats. Don’t text me when the game is on. (lol) I also play video games on my Xbox one. I love playing pick up, flag football, really anything like that. And I’m winning. 😉 I guess growing up so closely with a brother will do this to you.  I blame him.



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