Houston, Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas

I love the city life, almost as much as I love my little country town. This past weekend I went on an adventure! I got the chance to visit my sister, in the big city of Houston, Texas. I fell in LOVE. The city is wonderful and is filled with tons of things to do! I got to visit discovery park, get a cupcake from a vending machine, see the Houston Rockets arena, watch the musical Annie, take a horse and buggy ride, bike all over downtown, and much much more! Every time I get the chance to travel I’m amazed at God’s creation. It is definitely different then small town life of Lawrenceburg, or even the city of Lexington.  BUT, different is good! If you ever get the chance to travel, this is a place I highly recommend. It gives you a huge perspective on how others are living their lives. God created us all so differently and created the world so differently. Its super cool to experience.

It also taught me a few things..


  1. Apparently you don’t ask for curly fries when they ask you what type of fries you want.  It’s fine though, I still asked! Apparently this is a regular vs sweet potato type of question.
  2.  A beautiful weekend in Houston means EVERYONE is out. And it was awesome. Discovery park was one of the coolest places I have experienced. Everyone was out with their friends and having a picnic. This is a must see place!
  3. Barnabys is my kind of place. I mean WOW. This was a cafe based off of the memory of the owners first dog who captured his heart: Barnaby. The restaurant is filled with pictures of him doing various activities. It is also pet friendly. Like I said, my kind of place!
  4. It’s a hard knock life. The performers in Annie were nothing less than great. This is one of my sister and I’s favorite movies. The actors were SO good. The city of Houston is filled with opportunities to see something like this.
  5. If you bike down the BAYOU, do not bring your school backpack. Got to get these muscles somehow though.
  6. If you thought you liked T.J MAX now, just wait. Name brand clothes for cheap? The limit does not exist.
  7. It is a place for endless possibilities. Everyone here seemed to be on a big mission, looking to find the next innovation. This was one of my favorite parts. I’m a dreamer. A goal setter. And the people here seemed to be the same way.
  8. Coffee, and lots of it. ANYTime, Anywhere, Anyplace. In any form, They have it everywhere on literally every street. The coffee shops are the most adorable things ever, too.

I cannot wait to continue traveling, and hopefully get to come back to this wonderful place someday. It is refreshing getting to see another place or another culture. It really helped to get the bigger perspective on things and life.

Thanks for having me, Sis!


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